Whereas each session will be a unique experience, the notes below give a brief outline of the coverage provided.

Pre Session Discussion

This can be on the phone or in person before the session and is intended to establish the specific wishes, interests, requirements and skill levels of the client (s). (This element is outwith the session time purchased.)

Equipment Familiarisation

Practical instruction, as required, in selecting appropriate equipment and in getting the best out of it.

Plain language tuition on the principles of photography, the main elements of control and their practical application.

Whereas it is always best for the client to use their own equipment, I am happy to provide equipment to meet the needs of the photographic subject matter during the session.

Active Photography

Practical sessions to suit the areas of interest to the client. This could involve, for example, scenic wildlife, sport, outdoor "people" photography and studio photography. (Professional studio & lighting available on site.)

Editing & Printing

Using camera- related and Photoshop software to enhance images and prepare them for the desired end product. (The intention is that the images captured are taken through the various stages and that the client leaves with some prints and all the retained images on a Cd Rom.

Fee for sessions.

This can be for one or two people and is usually split over three sessions.


An ideal gift : personalised vouchers available.